We ❤️ Williams

We were looking at a relatively short drive today, so we were in no hurry to check out of the Meteor Crater RV park. We had originally thought to go have a look at the crater but when the front office gal told me the cost was $18.00 a person to go look at a depression in the desert, we decided to pass. I had contacted my former work yesterday about renewing my benefit selection form for next years insurance coverage and found that it was getting close to the deadline. The helpful HR person in charge of benefits sent me an electronic version of the form so I only needed to find a place where I could print it out.

None of the little burgs along Route 66 had anything like a Kinkos where I could pop in and do my printing, so as much as I dislike city driving, I was going to have to strap on my boots and drive into Flagstaff to visit the FedEx copy center there. The traffic was pretty heavy along the main thoroughfare and Google maps told me to get over and make a left turn on University Ave. As I pulled into the left turn lane, it was apparent that it was going nowhere but into the Arizona DMV. Once over there, there was no getting out with traffic hemming me in. I figured the copy center was a few more blocks down on the left, so I left PJ and the RV at the DMV and hiked over and printed my forms and bought an envelope.

In no time we were back on I-40 for another howling windy day. Luckily, we are only traveling about 45 minutes up the road to Williams one of our favorite old school Rte. 66 towns. Along the way, we saw a Camping World and stopped in to see if they had the steering stabilizer I have been wanting to get. I figured I could install it in a parking lot somewhere. Unfortunately they didn’t have it in stock but PJ found some carpet for the steps and a few other miscellaneous items for the RV. I asked the clerk about back roading it on the old road and he sent me off along the frontage to the north of I-40. It was mellow and the wind wasn’t such a factor at the slower speeds. He’d mentioned something about the ranchers not liking you kicking up dust, but it went over my head until we hit several miles of dirt roads that traversed private property going through the pine forest. We kept it slow and after a while we emerged out at Williams.

We cruised into the quaint touristy town and parked Wilson out in one of the large side parking lots. We saw very few other tourists in the downtown as we walked around. Williams is mostly restaurants and tourist shops along with a plethora of 50s era motels, some restored, some not so much. We settled on Goldie’s 66 diner for a late lunch. We were the only ones in there but the waitress still liked to keep us waiting. The food was excellent though and one other patron came in and grabbed a stool at the counter.

Get Your Kicks

After lunch, we grabbed a campsite over at Canyon RV and got ourselves set up for the night. Easy reading evening and a moonlight walk with the pups before bed.

2 thoughts on “We ❤️ Williams

  1. Beautiful painted desert and petrified forest……….never seen that before. Have seen the Wigwam Motel though!
    Kept looking for radiator springs to show up 🙂


    1. The petrified trees were pretty amazing. Had to look up radiator springs. Must have missed the Cars series 🤡


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