No Camera for You! 😖

Cali and I started our day exploring the dusty road behind the trailer park going to the south. She was feeling good and sniffing everything she could lay her nose on. Just off the road and running parallel to it was an abandoned brick walkway. We crossed over and walked a half mile or so until it the jungle reclaimed the path and it was overrun by bougainvillea.

My goal today was to return to the camera repair shop and see if I could catch up with the technician there. I took the ferry across and arrived at eleven figuring it would be the middle of his oppressive four hour workday. But no, he wasn’t there today either. I went down stairs where their was a little restaurant tucked in the back of the building and I ordered up some shrimp and eggs. By the way they looked at me, I think it was a spot where no gringo had gone before.

After that, I meandered the central market buying the essentials to make a nice batch of ceviche. The fish monger had some firm, fresh dorado so I selected my chunk of filet and he bagged it up. From there, I picked the fruit stand with the freshest looking veggies for the onion, tomatoes, cucumber and limes. I shopped around for a few other items giving the camera guy an opportunity to show up then went back to his shop to find it unattended yet again. I guess I’ll try again in Puerto Vallarta.

PJ’s Favorite

Another pulmonia and ferry home then the beach walk passing the tourist shacks to get back to the RV. Cali wanted out and I was heated up from my commute, so it was time for our afternoon swim. After that, I chopped up my ingredients, squeezed my bagful of limes and set my ceviche in the fridge to do its thing. I talked to the New Brunswick couple, Randy and Beth, that I’d met in Celestino. We sat out under their awning chatting until the evening mosquitoes called a halt to any further social interaction. I tended to the hound then sat down to a plate of ceviche tostadas while catching a couple of episodes of Seinfeld.

5 thoughts on “No Camera for You! 😖

  1. Spice Drops😍!!! Oh these nasty habits. Pretty sure it is not a healthy transition from Smarties to Spice Drops. Your ceviche on the hand looks Uber yummy & good for ya! Thanks for the inspiration!! 💋🤗💋


  2. Your pictures are like post cards. I love them! (especially the food stalls). Your ceviche looked yummy and the limes made my mouth water. Hope you find the mystery camera guy. Love, Meema


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