First of all, I want to wish everyone a blessed and prosperous 2022. Being isolated as we are has its own advantages. Not having to be in the thick of the negativity and controversy that overwhelms the regular news cycle, we have the option of turning it off and going about our simple day. In the middle of December, we made a move to the dark side. We left Playa Blanca (white beach) and moved over to Playa Negra (black beach). The owners at Casa Playa Blanca are taking advantage of the busy season by renting short term over the holidays so we got the bum’s rush.

Our friend Jarrod found us a nice little spot at Playa Negra sitting on the estuary a block back from the beach. It’s a sweet villa with tons of room and a spacious kitchen for me to cook up some tasty rice and beans. Oso looks to be settling in and PJ seems to really like the place. Nice and quiet with a comfortable balcony to watch birds, monkeys and other varmints going about their business.

PJ’s handiwork
Sunset from the top deck

The one drawback is that there’s less freedom for Oso. Back at Blanca, we would let him run wild at times knowing he would eventually find his way home. Here, that’s not a given so we are up early and often throughout the day heading out for long walks to keep his puppy energy in check. He might get used to the new location, but just a few yards away in the creek danger lurks for the unwary canine.

For us humans, however, the location is ideal. A short walk to the north lies the rivermouth for the estuary that leads into calm water where locals moor their fishing boats. It’s a prime spot to launch our paddle boards and head off towards Avellanas and beaches in between. Lots of turtles, rays and schools of large jacks zipping below in the clear, clean water.

To the south, we arrive at the surf destination of Playa Negra. Lots of hip, cool gringos making the scene doing their best to out-“local” the next guy. The new retirement destination for us geriatric ocean lovers. Gone are the days of shuffleboard at Leisure World as our generation refuses to give up the ghost. Negra always provides a few dogs for Oso to play with and the holiday season has brought throngs of people, both Tico and gringo, to play in the warm waters and ring in the new year.

Comparing tackle

It’s quiet back here on the balcony and my eyes are still a little heavy after getting up at 5:30 to march the pooch down to Callejones. Kiskadees are singing their telltale song in the trees while a lone howler roars out in vain. We see him regularly, perhaps a younger male driven off to start his own brood, but with no luck so far. Some jays are lining up by the pool for a drink and a bath as a gecko makes his kissing noises up in the rafters. Might end up being a lazy day. Time for a fresh cup of tea and hanging on the deck with the dog. Happy new year everybody. We love you all 💕

Jay coffee break
Front yard

10 thoughts on “🎉2022!🦜

  1. Happy New Year 2022 to the both of you. 🎉❤️❤️ God is amazing🙏 May he bless you both and keep you happy, healthy, and safe 🙏
    What a wild ride you are on 🥰

    Mary C


  2. What beautiful sunsets! Happy New Year to you both! Very cold here today Jan 4th. You look happy as usual! Love you both! Tutu


  3. Hey there! I’m not sure if u got my message- so here goes again!
    I have an old sponsor from way back when I lived in Connecticut and she has retired down in Costa Rica, since you are both friends of Bill W., I told her she should look you up! When I told are your names, she said she already knew you! What a small world! Her name is patti Todd
    she’s the best! It’s so funny that she had already met you guys at a meeting down there!! Take good care! Much ❤️


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