Topical Haunts

A quiet Halloween season here in Playa Negra. Being low season, there are but a handful of the houses with anyone in them but that didn’t stop us from throwing up a few decorations on the casa along the river even if we (and the guards) are the only ones to see them.

For the inside, we got artful and painted some driftwood and PJ set up a little web of spookiness by the front door.

PJ’s Cat

We also shared an unauthorized decorating on one of the statues that graces the entrance to Casa Musica. We enlisted the aid of an accomplice and snuck over and turned the Adonis with the sword into a creature of the night. Don’t tell.

For the night time, we went over to visit with some friends and enjoy the haunting decorations and table full of spooky edibles on offer at their home. Friendly converstaion and a bit of football. Even the monkeys were afraid to howl in the trees tonight 👻