Playa Blanca Potpourri

Been getting into a groove and starting to lose a little track of time. Our days consist of long walks to explore the neighborhood interspersed with swimming, paddling or surfing depending on the conditions.

We drove into Liberia to take care of some business and have a look around. It’s sugar cane season, so the cane fields were burning and workers covered in soot were chopping down the tall grass with wide bladed machetes.

One afternoon, we did a side trip down to Playas de Coco to see the touristy little downtown and get an idea about the area. From there we followed the back road over to Potrero, Flamingo and other beach zones. We ended up in Huacas and drove home the back way past Tamarindo.



Did a drive by of the Veintesiete de Abril to see the colorful houses. PJ just likes the name. “Why is a town named the 27th of April?” Pulled up a chair at an old school soda, a simple local restaurant, where we enjoyed large portions of Costa Rican typical plates.

Every Sunday, the locals at Playa Negra host a small street market over at the skate park. We did our best to support the local economy buying organic veggies, artisanal bread, and a ring for PJ. A chemical engineer from Tennessee had bailed on the rat race and is now in the neighborhood conjuring up natural sunscreens, lotions and soaps. Maybe I can keep my nose from frying off of my face with my holistic zinc sun block.

Most days we hang close to home being bossed around by the demanding cat. Swimming in the pool, snorkeling on the reef that sits just out the back door and staying in the shade as much as possible. Trying to beat the birds to the papayas. It’s a fine art discerning when they aren’t too green to pick and still ripen contrasted with having softened up enough for the magpie-jays to hollow them out and have a feast. Sorry for the barrage of pictures. I guess that kind of catches me up.

PJ coming up the path