Finishing Touches

Pop at his morning Sun spot doing every puzzle, quip-to-quote and jumble in the daily paper

After PJ left, I stayed on a week to tend to the house where the tenants had decided to vacate early. We had been praying for guidance as to what plans to make with Carole for the winter and as we were asking for answers, we received a call from the property management company telling us that our renters needed to break the lease and return to the midwest for family reasons. It seemed a good fit, a warm climate and an environment with which Carole was familiar. Since the Danes and PJ had all left town, I moved over to Pop’s where I relaxed with the family until Sunday when the house was empty then went over to assess the damage.

Walking the path with Pa

Working on projects at Dad’s

Not too bad for having housed a family of six for two years. I met the property manager and we compiled a list. The biggest damage was to the upholstery on the dinette and the counter stools. I took the badly stained seats for a ride into Escondido one afternoon and got estimates for new fabric. There was a farmer’s market along the block so I strolled through it just to check out the scene.

In the end, I found cheaper pricing on the reupholstering at a shop in Vista and Sandy went with me to help select some fabrics and we dropped that off on Thursday.

I met with a landscaper and we agreed on a list of yard improvements and he is scheduled to come Sunday and spruce things up. On Thursday after dropping off the seat cushions, my Dad’s favorite handyman, Don, was available to help for the day. He and I swung by the Home Depot to pick up a bunch of mulch, some railroad ties and other materials. We headed over to the house and spent the rest of the day getting the place ‘rent ready’ so we can get tenants in as quickly as possible if we choose the re-rent route. Don spread the mulch while I finished my custom varnished redwood hatch for the sprinkler valves. We replaced the sink drain with a new stainless steel model, replaced a rotten slat on the patio trellis and power washed the outside of the house.



Exploding Squash

Friday, after meeting my friend Dave for breakfast at the Beachbreak Cafe, I went over to do a few finishing touches at the house, moving the old dinette hutch out to the garage for use as a work station, scrubbing the floor where it had stood for so many years and realigning the garage door. Dad and Sandy came by to help with the heavy lifting 🤭 A million thanks to you both for all of your help getting and keeping the place in order.

Now I’m sitting at the airport heading into a world of uncertainty in the great state of Rhode Island. Looking forward to seeing my friends there and figuring out the next steps in life’s ever evolving journey.