Empty RV Park

Martin pulled out of the trailer park this morning. He was the last of the RVers. I helped him back up his rig to get his trailer attached to the RV. He hauls his Harley around with him strapped down in the trailer he pulls behind his motorhome. He got all of his gear stowed and headed off for Guadalajara. He’s planning on coming back in a week or so, so we’ll keep the light on for him. For now, Lexi is the only lonely RV in the entire lot.

Keeping an eye on the proceedings

Mari came to clean house, so we went down to the RV and played around with it. I patched a couple of bicycle tubes that had gotten punctures riding around Lo de Marcos. Stickers and cobblestones take a toll on the bikes. Laura called to say that she and Mark were going for a swim out front, so I put cleaning the RV on hold and went to meet them. The water was clear and warm. We had to dodge a couple of boats out in the bay. Our turn around point was halfway down to the far point to the north. A few larger swells rolled in as we made the turn to head back to El Pequeno Paraiso. I almost bailed on the swim due to poor sleep and a tightness in my low back, but I was so glad I went. It actually loosened things up and swimming just makes the rest of the day go better.

Lonely Lexi

PJ rode the bike into town and stocked up on food. We toted the bags up the stairs and got all of her purchases stowed away. Brad and Leona, the couple from downstairs are on the way back up from traveling down to Panama checking out Central America and southern Mexico to see what they had to offer. They came up and we sat around the table going over maps and getting tips from them for our upcoming travels. They left us with a collection of maps and lots of good ideas on places to explore and areas that might make good retirement options. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Time for an afternoon nap and reading a cheesy cowboy novel from the book rack downstairs. The local bricklayers are building a house in the complex behind us and they have gotten to the Boveda roof, the arching brick ceilings that are prevalent in this part of Mexico. The workers are often singing and making jokes with each other. Lately they’ve been waking us up at around 7:30 every morning. 

We had a late dinner and stayed in.