Biking Highway 1

PJ was up early walking Cali along the river. In the sand at the back of one of the campsites she spotted a terrapin digging a nest to lay some eggs. She watched for a while and one of the camp employees came and noted the area. Not sure if they cordon it off or what the policy is. Cool to see one up close that isn’t squarshed along the roadside.

The highlight of the day was a long bike along the coast highway. We started out by going north until we arrived in the little berg of Dewey. When the traffic lights became a nuisance, we turned around and hammered back into the wind and crossed the Indian River bridge passing the campground and going towards Bethany Beach until we’d had enough. Fun ride and good exercise. We cooled down with a jump in the chilly Atlantic where we boogie boarded some teensy shore break.

The evening brought with it some ominous clouds and a burst of thunderstorm activity. It raged and the wind howled for about 45 minutes then everything went back to normal windy conditions. I was racing around putting things away as the plant got knocked over, the chairs went squirting across the yard and the paddle boards threatened to go airborne. Luckily no harm done and an easy night with cooler temperatures and breezes.