R.I.P. Cali, the Wonderdog

I’m not really sure how I can talk about this. Yesterday, we buried our dear, beloved pet Cali and commended her sweet spirit to the universal power that overlooks all things. She did well into her sixteenth year but disease and age finally has their say. Our constant companion and bright cheerleader has gone to frolick with her former partners in crime, Eddie and Koda.

Born in Baja California and living a frightful and dangerous beginning to her life, Cali was rescued by a non-profit called Baja Animal Sanctuary in 2004. Christened as Elvira, she was placed in the adoption corrals that you often see stationed in front of your local Pet Emporium on a Saturday afternoon. PJ was working as a volunteer with the group at the time having recently adopted Koda from the organization. Nobody would take the skittish and cringing puppy that was rocked by nightmares and showed a fear of the world. She was brought up to California for her third and final opportunity for placement. After this, permanent orphan status at the Baja facility was the norm to give other dogs the chance to be adopted at events. One of the handlers begged PJ to take the lonely pup and at least foster her. We all know what fostering leads to and sixteen years later, Cali was with us on her final days, the last remaining pack member of the three we raised from Mexico.

She has been a world traveler and constant companion over the past four years, rarely out of sight as we went about life in our 100 square feet of RV living space. We miss her terribly constantly looking for her only to realize that she will never be there. She’s seen 47 states along with much of Mexico and Canada. A cheerful and uplifting crew member on our rolling land yacht. She’s been slowing down steadily over the past few years and it’s not like we didn’t see the handwriting on the wall, but it’s never easy to say goodbye to such a delicate, sweet creature. I am grateful that she held together long enough to make it back to Rhode Island to reconnect with PJ before the end. Rest In Peace beloved Cali.

Rest in Peace