Getting into Gear

The alarm sounded early Friday, and I was up returning the RV to adjust the steering. Tom found a washer that was inverted and reattached things and it rolls down the road much better. Dad drove us over to pick it up, but first we made a quick stop at the Honey Baked Ham store to buy a nice glazed ham for Sunday’s dinner.

Spent the afternoon sorting boxes to separate items for Sandy to sell at the swap meet tomorrow. She got the pick up loaded up for an early morning departure and we strapped it all down. Ran a few errands and got all of Cali’s vet records located and filed together in one place. Picked up her meds at CVS and she has everything she needs to hit the road.

Loading up the old pick up

Today, I was up early again, airing up the RV tires and getting it ready for the detailer to come by and give Wilson a cleaning up. Shaun was right on time at 8 to get underway. He spent about two and a half hours polishing up the motorhome and making it shine. He did a good job. Spent the rest of Saturday reorganizing the storage and interior of the RV.