Sunday down on the Farm

Morning dog walk in the mist

Today, we slowed down to a Georgia pace. After sleeping in, we did a few chores around the pad, then I got into reading my book in a beach chair in the shade. The eye still has some occlusion, but it is less noticible today.
Going from brown to green

After lunch, the air was getting hot and the sun crept around to the side if the RV so we put on our swim suits and hiked down to the pool. We were the only ones there on this quiet Sunday afternoon. We swam and shots some baskets then resumed lounging under the pavilion and I devoured about half of the book I am currently reading, book four of the Game of Thrones set.

Lounging in the shade

We walked around the barn area near the pool and pond where they hold weddings and other events. PJ had written off the warning signs about gators as a joke until she actually spotted this little character poking his head up in the middle of the pond.

Total rest day on the farm. It was fun watching the animals get so animated when the worker brought them their dinner.

Speaking of dinner, we thawed out the salmon Laura had given us and sautéed it up with garlic and served it with a spinach salad. Tasty way to end a luxuriously lazy day.