Easy Flowing Easter

DSCN5686.JPGWe had a leisurely start to our Easter morning. I was a little antsy to get out the door, but PJ was happy to let the day unfold in its own time. I had plugged the refrigerator into shore power the night before to get things good and cold so this morning I loaded all of our food for the day into the RV. DSCN5687We packed up a few books and Nooks and drove on down to the beach. Our original intention was to load up dogs and go down to the big lot at Seaside to see how they fared camping for the day but, in the end, we decided to take it easy and have a mellow, stress free day. We parked up on the bluff overlooking the water across from the Encina power plant.DSCN5700 Levelled up the rig and PJ got to napping. I made a pot of oats and went out on the bluff and ate them while watching the surfers enjoy a few easy, high tide rollers out front.

We had decided not to do any big celebration stuff for Easter. The family was planning low key days of their own, so PJ and I agreed not to do any baskets or other traditional activities. So, it was a Peep free day.DSCN5702

We set up camp on the dirt track and went for a walk along the beach. Tide was still a little high, so we were limited in how far down the beach we could hike. We returned to our chairs and did some reading and just basic lounging around until the sun heated things up enough to go down and jump in the water. Set up our cheesy little umbrella, then jumped in the ocean for some boogie boarding on the small waves breaking on the sand and rocks at the foot of the crumbling hillside. PJ raked her feet on some submerged rocks and got a little scraped up. DSCN5717After assuring her that her wounds weren’t going to be fatal, I caught a few fun little waves that deposited me unceremoniously on the hard sand.

The weather was fantastic. We dried off on our towels and I made us a couple of sandwiches and we enjoyed the beach and people watching for a few hours before the wind got a little chilly and we went back up to the motorhome. Relaxed inside, did a little meditation and sat at the table and did some writing.

DSCN5721As the shadows were getting long, we decided to go for a trek down to State Beach. A nice three mile walk. A wide variety of people were out walking and enjoying the beach for Easter Sunday. DSCN5727Lots of families and older people, many overdressed for their stroll on the boardwalk. Surfers, volley ballers, RVers, runners, dudes who like to stack rocks on top of each other, squirrels, rabbits, kite flyers and kids blowing giant bubbles. Everyone was out for a beautiful sunny day.DSCN5760

As the sun was setting, we packed ourselves up and headed back to the house to find some excited dogs ready to go for a walk. PJ walked them while I cleaned out the RV. A totally relaxing day.DSCN5728DSCN5744DSCN5763DSCN5758