Shelves in the Locker

I had planned on having the crew at Warner Muffler spot weld the brackets for the shelves inside the storage locker. When I drove over there, Eric had a look and was willing to do the work, but cautioned me that the weld marks would probably burn through the powder finish on the outside of the tool box.
He suggested that I go with stainless steel bullet head screws instead. I figured this was something I could do myself, so I thanked them and headed off for Home Depot. After wandering around for an indeterminable amount time trying to find someone to help me, I found the screws and they only had four in stock.
I headed for the TruValue hardware in the village and bought all the hardware needed and went home and installed all of the brackets. I had cut and varnished all of the shelves the night before so it was a simple matter of screwing them in to place.
I also included a couple of hooks to bungee the grinder into position vertically to save space. Allin all, I think it is pretty functional. A few tupperwares full of hardware and ding repair stuff and I have my own mini garage space.

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