Scofflaws on the Road

We were roused by the dogs early and then began to break down camp and get a jump start on the day. Some campers in the lower sites seemed to be having some problems with their propane and the fire dept and police arrived to clear the area. Not sure exactly what the issue was, but we were already rolling towards the gate. A final pass through Williams and it was back on the 40 for the two and half hours left to Needles, CA.

Wilson is on the lam, running illegally since his registration expired Friday and he is living in the shadow between a voided Rhode Island identity and his yet to be consummated new California allegiance.We made a stop in Kingman for a major grocery shop at their Walmart. Busy little shopping area but easy in and out from the freeway. I slept like crap and was moving zombielike through the day. PJ went in to handle the shopping while I walked the dogs around the parking lot.

I spotted an Autozone store in the mall lot so I put the dogs away and went over and purchased a gas strut to replace the one that opens the RV door. The old one had stripped out its threads and kept popping off. The one they had is the right fit, but has another 10 pounds of push so the door is bursting open with a little more zeal than it did before. Not ideal, but st least the door won’t be flapping in the wind anymore. Ordered some back up catches for the old one and should have adequate back ups when they arrive. PJ came out and we packed everything away and continued down the highway.

Google maps reported an accident blocking the l-40 in the direction we were going and suggested an alternative route. We were game for a little back roads adventure so we exited at Shinarump and cruised along the desolate Prescription Road to finally hook up with 68 going into Laughlin. We descended the major grade into town losing 3000 feet of elevation in about 12 miles going from pines to mesquite.

It’s been ages since I passed through Laughlin. Nice enough roads and fairly easy to slide on through. The road turned to crap when we crossed into California and we roller coastered up on the whoop-de-do’s and dips that lined the cracked pot holes section of road from Laughlin into Needles proper.

Our first choice of campgrounds surprised us by being full so we ended up next door st the Needles KOA. Not a bad property really. We parked up and immediately took the dogs out and we all stretched our legs wandering around in the desert. We hooked up and sat outside in the warm afternoon talking about future plans and debating which paths to go down as we continue our trek.

Bone tired, I went to the bath house for a hot shower, then we rested in the house munching on salads and watching a little football. We gathered all of Wilson’s paperwork for tomorrow and filled out what we could. PJ dug out the old license plates and we placed everything in easy reach for tomorrow’s activities to make an honest RV out of Wilson. Smog check first thing in the morning, then on to a 10:30 appointment at the Needles DMV. For now, off to bed for an early nights sleep.

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