A Late Christmas Post

Christmas started with a quiet morning around camp. I faced time PJ and her folks and sent them all my love and best wishes for a Merry Christmas. After we talked I found a burst of ambition and installed the screen door handle I had picked up on the road. It’s great having something to grab onto to pull the door shut instead of trying to wrap my fingers around the sides. In the afternoon, I drove over to Dad’s and hung out watching football and doing my laundry. It was relaxing wrapping a final present or two and eating some cheese and crackers. I managed to get the second load of wash into the dryer just as it was time to head over to Mette and Lee’s.

Merry Christmas Pete


Tonight’s feast was a turkey dinner with all of the fixin’s. I sat on the oversized couch with my legs up talking to Larry and Brenda while the bird was getting tuned up. The kids were playing a card game with Florian and Yessenia while Lee put the football game on the television. We munched hors d’ouevres and chatted with Ray & Sandy between plays.

Soon dinner was served and we all gathered around the big table and had a festive dinner. Excellent fare and interesting conversation. After eating we opened the traditional English poppers that you pull the ends to make them snap then a little toy or trinket falls out. Inside is your paper crown so we all tiara’d up and had some laughs.

We moved to the living room to digest and open a few Christmas gifts that hadn’t yet been shared. Mostly mine, so I scored a small pile of loot to carry home with me. The kids resumed their card game and soon Devon’s home made pecan pie was served and that pushed me over the food coma edge.

As we were leaving, Sandy drove Dad and I through the different blocks of Mette’s neighborhood so we could gawk at the over the top Christmas decorating that the streets are famous for. Some really spectacular displays. I was a bit groggy by the time we got back to Dad’s where I folded up my clothes and collected the dogs who came along to visit the backyard for the evening. The hounds and I had a quiet drive back to the beach then a final midnight walk through the sleeping campground. A late Merry Christmas to one and all. (I left my camera in Dad’s car, so no photos until today).

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