Koda, ‘the little bear’ 2003 – 2018

The Queen of Hearts 💕

Koda was rescued from a construction zone in Rosarito Beach in 2003 where she had been abandoned tied to a piece of rebar on the second floor of an unfinished building. PJ was volunteering with Baja Animal Sanctuary at the time and going through some major transitions in her own life. The fluffy puppy originally dubbed “Osa”, the little bear, came into her life at a juncture where they could both make new beginnings leaning and loving on each other. They’ve seen each other through the good and bad ever since.

Racing In Wolf Creek, Illinois



I’m not sure where to start. Friday morning, I woke to find Koda unable to rise lying next to an unmentionable mess on the floor. I tried to get her up straining my surgical scars but not really noticing or caring at the time. Sandy came to the rescue as she so often does these days. Her and Dad got her on a sheet and used it like a stretcher to get her to the car. She was awake but her legs wouldn’t work. At the urgent care they did an examination and her kidneys had failed. We’ve known for a while that she had kidney issues but it was still a shock how suddenly the end came. She’d been showing her fifteen years lately, occasionally needing a boost to get into the RV and the biggest sign was when she no longer showed any interest in going in the water. This dog had never missed an opportunity for a swim as long as I’d known her.

Merremec River, MO

Helping Pete fold up the tarp

Lake Erie

After long tearful phone calls to PJ in Rhode Island and repeatedly asking the veterinarian for options and assurances that we were doing the right thing and getting a strong affirmative, Koda was quietly released from her suffering. I never thought it would affect me this hard. I held her until the end and her ashes will be spread out over the ocean she so loved to play in. Such a soulful, loving being.

Morning dew in Missouri

Julian Price in Carolina

Lo de Marcos

She had a charmed life, doted on and watched over by PJ, living in her large park like yard in Carlsbad. Daily walks in the lagoon and so many swimming days down at dog beach. She was the alpha of our little pack of three until age caught up with her. She has swam in countless lakes and rivers, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico in 34 states across the U.S. and eight states in her Mexican homeland. A great traveler, cheerful in all weathers, her ability to create peace and her calming presence whenever she was near will be deeply missed. Rest In peace sweet angel.

Red rocks of Sedona


Leading the pack when the crew was complete.

20 thoughts on “Koda, ‘the little bear’ 2003 – 2018

  1. You mean the world to me. Bless you My Dearest Love for helping Koda have such joy & loving her enough to gently let her go.


  2. Thoughts, prayers, love and healing energy go out to you, PJ, Mike, the whole family. Koda is a sweet spirit indeed, her physical presence will be missed by all.


  3. So sorry to hear this!! Sending you love and condolences. Sounds like Koda had a wonderful life with both of you ♥️♥️


  4. Dearest PJ and Michael I’m so sorry for your loss! Michael thank you for the beautiful tribute to Koda.💕 PJ the first time I ever heard you share at 2nd Street was when you lost your dog named Charger I think. I just had lost my big dog Marley. Your Story made me gravitate towards you in my heart at that point at that point you and I were off and running for so many wonderful years. There’s no
    words when you lose your unconditional angel. I pray for your heart to heal. The one thing I believe is that, when we lose our furry family member’s on this Earth plane, we end up with a guardian angel, their love is forever ⚘🐶⚘


  5. We know how much you loved Koda and how difficult this time is for the both of you. We all pray for guidance when tasked with making such a hard decision. May both of you have your memories of the good times to help you. Sending love from NH.


    1. I have been so private about it. Afraid of falling apart I guess. Thank you Holly for your understanding. Love ❤️ u and Chris


    1. Almost called Drew to cry with him. But couldn’t get off the floor that day. Love you Sis 🙏


  6. Mike & P J, I’m so sorry to learn of the loss of Koda. I offer my deepest condolences to you both. I know all to well the deterioration and final loss of our fur children.
    We have two little boxes on our mantle with the remains of our last two Scottie’s who will be scattered at sea along with our own ashes so we will be together to the end.
    We have two new Scottie’s who bring us joy & challenges on a daily basis.
    Wishing you peace & comfort.


    1. Awwwww you made me smile Dave. I have all I can do not to drive to the nearest shelter and adopt a pup in need of love and a safe harbor. I pause and breathe deep. Going to let God choose the next member of our family. Thanks much for your support and understanding.


  7. Pam, my heart is filled with sadness because I know how it must hurt you to be away from Koda for so long and especially now. Please take solice in all the good you’re doing. God comforts those who mourn.


      1. You are beautiful cousin, thank you for being so supportive & loving. We truly appreciate & love you.


  8. You two teach me by example your grace, kindness and love are shared with all those you touch. Thanks for sharing all the journey with us, we are holding you close in our thoughts and prayers and are sorry for the loss of your beloved friend and family member Koda. Love you.


    1. We are humbled Beth by your words. Thank you for your love ❤️ and support. So grateful we are family.


  9. We are very saddened by the death of Kota. It’s so hard when part of you dies. Our condolences Larry and Judy.


    1. Bless you Both. Mike & I have been so sadden & have gone within a bit. We miss you & your loving kind ways.


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