Stars and Stripes Forever

Happy Fourth of July to everybody. Hope you all had a wonderful day with friends and family. Rhode Island put out a beautiful sunny day just right for the occasion. After starting our morning at the gym, we headed to the Keep it Simple meeting to kick start our day. Being a holiday, everyone was off work and the room was packed. I got to see several people that I normally don’t run into now that they have got jobs and lives going on. It was a bright way to light off the day.

Our dear friend Meema got herself a new knee on Tuesday, so we left a gift that PJ and I had put together with beach bling that we have collected along the road. We combined shark teeth, sea glass and shells from our time in Florida to make a small mobile to hang in her backyard. Hope you are up and zooming around soon. Getting a titanium joint myself was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Just be diligent with all of the rehab work!

Back at the house, we gathered on the couch and watched the Bristol parade on the television. It is billed as the oldest Fourth of July celebration in the country celebrating its 234th rendition having started in 1785. Carole loved it as we all sat with the volume cranked admiring the floats and singing along to the patriotic songs of the marching bands. PJ and I enjoyed a dip in the pool followed by a short nap before going for a drive down to the beach to see all of the crowds amassed to enjoy the sultry holiday weather. We did a slow drive by with the other homies at Oakland Beach then went by Dave’s for a couple of pizza strips that we took to a nearby green space to munch on and talk. We needed the quiet space to regroup and discuss upcoming decisions to be made.

Rhode Island recently legalized fireworks and I remembered the bombings from last year so this time around I figured we might as well join them. I bought an assortment of items at one of the ubiquitous tents set up along the roadside and brought them home.The neighbors to the right informed me that you have to go to New Hampshire to get the real deal so while my little sparky shower fireworks were fizzing away in the fire pit they had full on commercial grade explosions of color and brilliance going off in the sky overhead. I’d say “watch Carole” and light a towering shower of sparks only to be outgunned with a dazzling display from Pete’s seemingly endless artillery. It was awesome. There were other neighbors nearby that were going all out also. A Fourth of July show equal to Legoland without the drive and without the traffic. Carole was lit up like a kid enjoying the spectacle. When we finished off the pyrotechnics we adjourned inside and watched the Macy’s fireworks from New York until it was time to call it a night.


One thought on “Stars and Stripes Forever

  1. Awesome blog, Mike. The fireworks were spectacular! This is my first day on the computer. I feel like I’m getting stronger every day. My kids and Karen have been my caregivers and are doing a fantastic job. Had my 2nd. rehab at home and will be working out myself every other day. The R.N. came Thurs. and will also stop in next week. Thank you a million times for the windchime, key chain and homemade card. You guys are the BEST!! Love you, Meema


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