South Carlsbad State Beach

Off to the beach for a week! We decided to give the painters coming to Dad’s house a little space to do their work and also to get in a little time at the coast. We pulled up a few minutes early at the state park and were told to go sit in the grocery store parking lot for 20 minutes because they don’t want to do the slightest amount of extra effort to facilitate a pleasant experience for their guests. We drove over to Ralph’s and killed the time then came and checked in. $15 bucks a day for the car. If you tow it across the line, it’s free, if you don’t have a tow chain, fifteen bucks. We knew that was coming in but what I wasn’t ready for was the locked up sewer hole at the dump station with the $10 coin op system to dispose of your tank water.

We emptied the RV and got ourselves set up in our site. It is an awesome spot, nice and wide so we can park sideways and open our door onto an ocean view over the bluff. The waves were looking a little closed out but okay for a boogie board so I waded out and got smacked around for a little while. Not too cold and definitely fun to get in the water. PJ worked on Christmas projects and decorations at the picnic table. A relaxing and laid back afternoon in the sun.

In the evening, we had a dinner date at our friends Carmen and Bill’s. What a great house they have picked up for themselves. A totally original open beamed and secluded oasis. Janine and her main man, Danny joined us also. Carmen cooked a multi course vegan “Buddha Bowl” menu and we sat around the table talking into the night. Thanks to all for a fantastic evening and wonderful friendship. We stayed up late back at camp but that’s okay because our agenda hasn’t got much activity inked in for tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “South Carlsbad State Beach

  1. Enjoy your new beach environs this week. Today my 61 year old cousin/godson passed from brain & lung cancer. He’s my dear Uncle Walter’s son and when he called to talk tonight, he again expressed how wrong it is for a parent to bury a child. We prayed and spoke of why God needed him right now. This has really put a damper on my poor uncle’s Christmas. Please say a little prayer for Walter Sr. and Walter Jr. tonight. Love from Meema.


    1. So sorry to hear about Walter. They are in our prayers. We’ve been going through something similar with an aunt here. Our best to you. Love 💕 us


  2. Merry Christmas, dear friends! I hope everything is OK with you and yours. I’ve been to the vigil Mass already and will be going to KIS as my Christmas dinner is all prepared and Ernest will be with us as he’s done so many jobs for my kids and me that he is almost family. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Meema


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