April in Rhode Island

Not a lot going on during the lockdown since I arrived in Rhode Island. PJ and I both got tested for Covid-19 and received negative report cards. They stuffed the swab so far up my nose that it tickled my brain. My two week quarantine finished but not much changed. I haven’t much to blog about – “I hung around in the plaid pajamas yesterday and I’ve got on the gray sweatpants today”. We did a trip to Walmart since I wanted a pair of sweatpants and the plundered rack had a few lonely pairs of 3xx green ones left swinging in the wind. A bit of spring snow here and there blew through the neighborhood and temperatures have remained chilly for the entirety.

Yet some trees are starting to green up and birds are making an appearance. We planted a beautiful golden tree over Cali’s resting place. Yesterday, we planted morning glories to get them climbing up the fence which is keeping up Pete’s tradition. Waiting for some warmer weather to encourage to get out in nature a bit more.

I picked up a new guitar to help dispel the doldrums and have been enjoying strumming it here and there. PJ’s birthday came and went. She’s got a shiny new paddle board that she’s eager to give a trial run. Caught her totally by surprise. The shop owner drove it down from Vermont and left it on the front lawn where she discovered it and excitedly opened it up. Other than those few highlights, it’s pretty much low key sheltering in place type action. Stay safe.

3 thoughts on “April in Rhode Island

  1. Thanks for blogging . It’s been a while. I love the forsythia that you put on Cali’s resting place. I enjoy seeing you guys on KIS and it was sweet of PJ to call and check in on Sunday. I’m “going to” Early Bird, then KIS on this sunny Cinco de Mayo. I, too, will ask, “What is that damn cat doing at the occupied bird house?” Love you both. Meema
    PS Cool board, PJ. The colors are so you!


  2. Yes that forsythia bush is lovely, I miss having them. The board is nice too! Did I miss your Birthday PJ?? Happy Belated Birthday!! 👑 See you tomorrow!!! Love you guys! Tutu


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