The Granite State

We spent much of the day rolling through fall colors along back roads and highways in Vermont. There was a small national park about midway through the day’s drive, so that was loaded in the GPS. When we reached the destination Google Maps brought us to, it was a dead end road in the middle of nowhere. A young lady that was there tending a garden tried to point us in the right direction loading in Peg’s Hill in the GPS, but that brought us to a small shack on an out of the way farm road. We made a quick stop in Woodstock then wandered around in the bush a bit more before giving up and continuing on into New Hampshire.

The drive was mellow and the landscape was breathtaking. We passed quaint villages and farmlands. We followed along rivers, many spanned by covered bridges built in the 1800s. In the afternoon, we arrived at Asheulot River Campground and set up shop. Our campsite sits directly on the tree lined river with a fire pit overlooking the water.

There is a forest with hiking trails just behind the camp. We laced up our shoes and set off to see if we could find the ever elusive moose. We got in an hour or so of traipsing around the forest before the sun began to sink behind the mountain on the far side of the river. There were lots of different birds but no animals other a few stray chipmunks.

We lit up a nice fire and sat outside for dinner. We burned through most of our stash of logs and played a song or two while warming our feet on the glowing coals. An easy going day exploring the wonders of New England.