First Snow of the Winter

Hurricane Zeta landed on the gulf coast and before a single puddle was dry, the storm rushed up through the U.S. faster than a duck on a June bug depositing a flurry of snow on us Yankees in the northeast. PJ was as excited as a kid on Christmas and woke me up early in the morning to come see the white blanket covering the backyard.

We sat most of the morning, sipping coffee while watching birds and squirrels load up on treats from the feeder doing their best to fatten up before the chill weather comes upon us for good. A beautiful winter scene but a reminder that things are starting to get cooold 🥶

10 thoughts on “First Snow of the Winter

  1. I’m glad I get to see the US and many of it’s little quirks and jems. Thanks for the awesome stories and beautiful pics. I’m glad you are posting again. I have read every post so far. Keep it up please.


    1. Brian. So great to hear from you. Was thinking of you just yesterday while filling out my annual open enrollment stuff. Best to you and the family


    1. Thanks Jerry. Has it got you missing the east coast? We look forward to visiting and sitting on your new deck enjoying the view. Our love to Rodell


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