Poking around Playa Grande

Today the monkeys decided to hang out in the tree directly across from Casa Playa Blanca. They woke us up complaining about the noise of a motorcycle as it rolled past. A good sized troop gathered to munch on leaves and bask in the cool morning weather. We took a few pictures then forded the stream, dodged some loose sheep and drove over to Avellanas for a morning surf.

Zoom in and there the rambunctious noise makers are

The monkeys were still there just as animated when we got back so we took a few more pictures then got ready to take a drive and have a look at Playa Grande to see what’s developed there during the past twenty years.

Be wary picking white plums

It was a mellow drive. The wind had thrashed the waves so the crowds were thin when we got there making for easy parking as most of Playa Grande is now fenced off by expensive houses with just a small beach access left for non-residents to get to the sand. This is a major turtle breeding area for Costa Rica. Today it was just a refuge for a crew of tourists learning to surf.

We didn’t hang around long. We rolled back up the road to Matos Surf Shop and bought a rash guard, big shady hat and t-shirts. PJ got tubed on the big wave out front then we fired up the Diesel engine and headed for home. I grilled some fish while PJ got in a little dog yoga.