We hemmed and hawed for much of the morning, going back and forth as to whether we should hit the road for the capitol or not. Around noon, we finally got inspired and loaded up the car and pointed the grill towards Coronado. As we were leaving Venao, PJ noticed a pair of coyotes in a field challenging a cow for her calf. We stopped and she scared them off.

The drive was long and rainy. We had a few spells of precipitation almost as gnarly as when we crossed the border. I picked a large truck that was bulling his way forward and kept about 50 feet behind so he could block for me. As we reached the outskirts of Coronado, the Malibu Surf Shop was ahead on the right. PJ’s paddle had broken a few days back and they had a replacement for sale. With that in hand, we drove into Coronado and did a drive by of the casita before heading over to Picasso’s for a bite of dinner.

Wood firing PJ’s pizza

Afterwards, it was a few short blocks to Casa Swell where Jay welcomed us and set us up with a room. A cute boutique hotel, it was a large house that was converted into four rooms with a large common area next to the pool with kitchen and everything needed to make food or drink. Jay has done a great job remodeling the property and made us feel at home. Tired from a long day of driving, we retired to the room and read awhile until it was time to sleep.