Seagoing Sisters

A group of nuns have been visiting, staying in a few of the condos in the middle of the complex. This morning those with a hankering to fish boarded a small panga in front of the hotel and another four went for a contemplative walk into the estuary. We were dealing with power outages and a lack of internet. The owner of the unit next door has been remodeling and we have been paying the price.

I took off to do a little beach combing of my own. I walked the entire crescent of Playa Venao to the far bluffs that mark the end of the bay. Some monkeys were howling in the trees but I couldn’t spot them through the thick canopy. Iguanas were scrambling up the rocks as I had a peek at the tide pools that sparkled along the headland.

The crime scene…all that’s lacking is the chalk outline

What to do next while waiting for our second vaccine shot has been the topic of discussion. Not being able to go online and see options has proven a bit frustrating but around midday, we walked over to the hotel and sat down in the lobby with Jorge to see what he has available. After some discussion, we are set up in two other condos until July 6th then back into Costa Rica. The Villa Marina Hotel is nice and Jorge was easy to talk to. Playa Venao is too lovely a spot to leave.

Having that worry out of the way, a celebratory paddle across the bay seemed like the only thing to do. PJ led the way as we threaded the channel between the island and the Playita side of the cliff. Once out in the open ocean, we turned west and kept a steady cadence as we crossed the bay to the far point. From there we turned in towards shore and followed along just outside the breaking surf back to the condo, stopping a while to swim and play in the warm, clear water.

We ended the evening making a dinner out of whatever we could find in the kitchen. PJ met up online with a cadre of her pals. The internet finally came back so we were able to watch a little Netflix before tucking ourselves in for the night.

Low Tide
High Tide