Playita Panama

Our second day at Playita was much like the first. We ate at the restaurant and communed with the animals. The house deer came by for a few bites of corn. And the macaws flew over to examine a potential nesting site set up in a tree next to our table. The weekend merry makers were gone and the environment had a new tranquility that you could sense.

We heard the monkeys calling from the trees out back and walked over to watch them along with some young people visiting from Virginia. The kids were fun to talk to and the monkeys kept us all entertained. There were old males sitting aloof keeping an eye on their tribe, moms with babies riding on their backs and the young males, all curious and energetic. A good sized troop that held our attention for a while.

We packed up the car on the early afternoon and went for a snorkel while giving Villa Marina time to have our next condo ready to move in. The visibility was slightly more cloudy today but there were still lots of fish to be seen. PJ brought down our boogie boards and they worked perfectly to keep us over the reef and not bumping along the top of it.

The coolest thing we spotted was an octopus hiding inside the reef. I’d seen her hurry under the shelf but knew if we remained still that her curiosity would get the best of her and she’d come out to see who it was that floated outside her nest. They are so smart!

We slowly kicked around the cove then returned to the beach to dry off before heading out. A great visit at La Playita to see another aspect of the Pedasi coast. Then it was home to Villa Marina and a new condo next to the pool. This one is the biggest of the three we’ve stayed in but it has more of the fish bowl effect as it seems everyone walks right past unabashedly looking in to see what you’re up to. I feel like the human exhibit at the zoo but it’s kind of fun to be in the center of things and meet more people.

Look! The macaws followed us home!

3 thoughts on “Playita Panama

  1. Absolute paradise! Your amazing shots while snorkeling make me feel like I’m right there with you. Your new place is quite different from the fun rustic one at La Playita. Have a happy 4th tomorrow which I doubt is celebrated in Panama. Love you both. Meema


  2. Happy 4th!! It’s a little warmer here than yesterday, it listed and wind blew then thunder and poured! I have my family in from Missouri, we went out to breakfast then back to my house. We are having a nice visit. That condo looks very roomy! Enjoy it! Love you both! Tutu


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