Vaqueros de Panama

The Azuero Peninsula is classic Panamanian cowboy country. Every time when out for a drive, it is imperative to keep an eye out for horsemen traveling along the side of the highway. No weekend equestrians here, these guys are strictly utilitarian in the use of their horses. Hard working beasts and hard working riders.

One observation about Panama is the high standard of care they give to their animals. From large livestock down to their household pets, their interest and attitude towards animal husbandry is the best I’ve seen in Latin America. No bones showing on horses or starving dogs roaming the streets.

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All along the Ruta Bellisario Porras cattlemen are working the land moving free range beef from pasture to pasture, lining the road shoulder with filled milk jugs or out mending fences. If horses aren’t busy being ridden, they are often spotted riding around in the back of pick up trucks. Not sure who gets more pampering on the pampas.

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3 thoughts on “Vaqueros de Panama

  1. What beautiful animals. You sure can tell they’re well taken care of. Are the horsemen friendly when you take their pictures? Some appeared to be smiling, but I think I caught a few stink eyes aimed at you. I so appreciate all of the different animals you’ve shared from North America, Mexico and Central America. Take care, dear friends. Love, Meema


    1. They are usually really cool, especially after PJ gives them a sunny hola and a wave. They are maybe just perplexed at first but mostly amused


  2. How can they not respond to PJ’s sunny smile!!!! Love the horses! I am with you in spirit. Love and peace, Tutu


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