As we go along in life, we are finding that our motivations and the things we deem important are shifting away from material pursuits and are leaning more towards aspects that foster personal growth and the exploration of alternative ways of existing in the world. We have been clearing away the clutter of years of consumption and thoughtless accumulation and we are simplifying the things in our immediate environment and the way we relate to possessions.

Mike and PJ, looking to trade in their hammocks for, well…hammocks

We are Mike and PJ. We have picked up a small motorhome and we are going out “country shopping”, a rolling quest to see if we might find a place with a slower moving pace and interesting character that we can decide to call home for a while.

Cali (short for Mexicali , a rescue dog from Baja. She loves to play with toys and make grunting sounds.

Living in San Diego’s north county has been a wonderful life… the time came when we realized we spend way too much of it in increasingly heavy traffic, working until the sun sets, and doing things to try to please others and fulfill a role that doesn’t quite fit our vision of a future we would find fulfilling.

Koda, the wonder dog – found abandoned in Rosarito Beach

One day as we sat and quieted our minds, we talked it out and decided that perhaps a different way of living might better serve our desire for an uncomplicated existence. It is time to simplify and take a step off of the hamster wheel.

Cali with Eddie, a rescue dog from Tijuana. Both have dual citizenship and are looking forward to visiting their homeland

Our goal is to take our time traveling south of the border and explore options for an overseas retirement setting that might have the right combination of warm water, sun and social activity that will suit our quiet lifestyle. We’re loading up the RV with our dogs and a few too many toys. It’s time to set out and see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Retirement won’t be as expensive as you think. If you stay on the “libre highways”. Take care of each other. Great meeting you in Mazatlan. Maybe see you in La Penita
    Mike, Peg, Cecile & Me (Cpt. Kirk)


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