Lexi gets her Wings

20150628_210943Back in June, shortly after buying the motorhome, we decided to do a little art on it to make it our own. PJ and I drew up a few ideas and settled on the theme of a heart with wings. We tried a few iterations and stole a few images from Google to get the concept going. 20150628_200517The heart symbolizing our love for each other and our commitment to pursuing a new way of living. The wings symbolizing freedom and being open to new experiences and stepping out into the unknown

We searched around for an artist and were led to Mark over at Airbrush-Artism in Oceanside. We went over to his shop in the valley and dropped off the RV. We had our basic concept and a couple of images but basically put the project in Mark’s hands and told him to be free with what he thought would look best. He spent an entire day up on a little makeshift scaffolding spraying paint until well after the sun went down. We returned to pick it up in the evening and PJ had him make a few adjustments. 20150628_203759The finished product is what you see. The birth of ‘Heart on the Wing’ as our heart prepares to take flight in the unknown horizon of the future.


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