Rainy Day Bike Swap

The alarm went off way too early and I found myself debating with the voice inside whether to get up and head to the bike swap meet or stay in the warm quiet of my bed. The weatherman was predicting rain and the sky was overcast but didn’t really look all that threatening. IMG_1409I got a burst of ambition and jumped out of bed and starting rounding up all things bike that I could find lying around – various parts and pieces, DVDs, books and clothing. PJ pleasantly surprised me by getting out of bed and into action helping me load stuff up and then she followed me over to the Via Marta house to get what bike accessories I had there and to pick up the motorhome. I drove the RV over to El Camino Bike and PJ followed in the Honda. There weren’t many vendors setting up as everyone seemed a little put off by the ominous clouds.

I rolled out the awning, set up my folding tables and set out my wares. Will came over and took a tour of the Lexington and I made him a cup of coffee with the Keurig. PJ ran back and forth to the house and brought some items we had forgotten and picked me up some lunch to get me through the day.  I had fun joking around with Will and Billy. The rain came in spurts and I pulled everything in under the awning. Although the crowd was sparse, I still managed to unload a number of items and pocket about $300.00 towards adding the solar power to Lexi. It wasn’t really a matter of how much cash was raised, it was more that cleansing feeling of simplifying life and, little by little, clearing out a little more of the unnecessary clutter that tends to slow us down.

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