Getting Documented

Of the numerous casualties incurred during our last minute packing and purging, the most significant item that came up missing through the chaos was my passport. Yes, you read that right. The primary necessity for crossing borders and beginning our journey. I had it hidden in my secret spot with my extra cash envelope and when we arrived in San Marcos the envelope was still in the stash place, but the passport was nowhere to be found. 
After resting for a few days, we emptied out the RV and carefully repacked everything and gave every nook and cranny a thorough searching. We searched and researched even opening boxes in the storage unit to rummage through on a hope and a prayer. After looking in the same locations over and over, it became fully apparent that the passport was either stuffed in a box in storage or tossed in the furious clearing out of our final night at Via Marta.

Searching high and low

Friday morning I called the passport agency and they got me an appt. for the same day. I hurriedly made copies of my drivers license and purchased our Mexican RV insurance online to show an urgent need for expediting my passport (per agent on the phones suggestion). Next was a quick stop at CVS for a sketchy looking passport photo. After that, I had to make a quick stop at the storage unit to grab my birth certificate. The GPS had me arriving a half hour late, but I was going no matter what. Being the first day of horse racing didn’t help with the traffic any. I pulled up just as a car was leaving it’s metered spot. I slid right in, paid for 2 hours and ran over to the passport building. Even though l was 30 minutes late, they processed me and I was in and out in 20 minutes.

Today, I went back to pick up the new passport. Had to circle a bunch of times and gave up and went to a pay parking lot. Comic Con starts today and all of the nerds are taking up the good parking spots. The first lot wanted $25 flat fee. Couldn’t do it. Drove around some more and spotted a guy pulling out of a crowded lot and scored his slot for $10 for two hours. Only took a few minutes to collect my new passport so I got a sandwich in the lobby and sat back and enjoyed it in order to get my money’s worth on the parking 🙂

New Passport, ready for the road

Then back on the freeway to Cardiff to drop off a few things for my friend Danny and say my good byes. Then a hunt for a new beach chair to replace the one that was unraveling. A bunch of stores later, I came up with a decent one then went home, walked dogs and enjoyed a nice dinner with the family. Been a real blessing having this bit of down time at the old family homestead. We moved here in 1969 and Pop has been here ever since. We talked about it tonight. The family was pretty nomadic up to that point, then when we stopped, we really stopped. 47 years. 

Dog walking on the path behind the house

Trees have grown, neighbors have grown old. Second generation families are living in their parents old homes. Surprising how many of the original families are still up here on the hidden cul-de-sac above Palomar College. Good to see them and feel the history we share. Nice and peaceful to be here. The only sound disturbing the sultry night air is Eddie’s incessant coughing. Dad’s girlfriend has been really accommodating and we’ve had many meals out on the patio. It’s been a good respite, but the road is calling.

Sunset view from the trail
Everybody resting up

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