Rainy Days and Family Visits

We’ve been mostly staying around the house this week. I finally made my way over to Tommy’s famous clam shack to get my stuffed quahogs. I sat on the bench and munched one with a cup of chowder then we took the rest home and we all snacked on them in the sun room.

When the sun was out, the pool was the place to be. We splash in the cool water keeping the heat off and making up games throwing around balls and frisbees. I replaced the motion lights on the RV that had quit working and did a few other little projects on the motorhome. Mowed the lawn in the heat of the day and then had to have another swim.

Mid-week it started raining and has been coming down pretty steadily since. I woke up to a little fender bender right outside my window Wednesday morning. That was pretty much my excitement for the day. That and a visit to Planet Fitness for a little workout.

Pete’s nemesis. Just like the gopher on Caddyshack, the squirrels are constantly taunting Pete.

Tried to channel my ‘inner Raymond’ and emulate my dad’s poached eggs, but still need some practice to even come close to the master
The highlight of the week was a visit from PJ’s cousin, aunt and uncle on Thursday. Norma and Clayton drove down from New Hampshire picking up cousin Beth in Massachusetts along the way. They all braved the rain and arrived about midday to catch us up on all of the things that have been going on in their lives. Beth is getting ready for a trip out to Moab, Utah next week so we got out the iPad and explored places to visit.

Always enjoyable conversation and fun stories of ‘back in the day’. Beth brought an awesome veggie and couscous salad, Pete baked up some fresh salmon and PJ made a spinach salad with berries in it. We ate a gourmet mid afternoon meal while watching the rain pour down outside. As evening was arriving, there was a break in the rain and the family took advantage and hopped in the car for the long ride home. They called when they got home just to let us know that they made it. Great to spend time with the family.

3 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Family Visits

  1. reading your blog brings back a lot of memories of my 6 years in Rhode Island after college. Miss the clam chowder and quahogs. Make sure you visit east providence and boston. You are so close to so much beauty and history.


  2. Yum! Quahogs!!! And the rain -send some our way, please???
    Love the pics of the Johnsons! You all look fab and happy for the visit!! Really nice! ❤️


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