Miscellaneous Living

Been keeping ourselves out of trouble doing a variety of things as we spend our days in Rhode Island. Mostly spending quality time with the in laws, barbecuing the occasional steak and watching a Red Sox game here and there.

Last week, we toured a senior living community to see what kind of services and amenities that they offered. It is in a quiet neighborhood not far from the house. Nice apartments in a hotel like environment with meals offered and different levels of care. Afterwards, we dined out at Greg’s, an old school cafeteria that’s a favorite of the family.

The dogs have done multiple vet visits. Cali still refuses most meals even though we have tried everything from roasted chicken to sautéed hamburger. She is scarily underweight and a little bit mentally challenged. There is no readily apparent physical malady they can identify. She has started taking Prozac (seriously) and hopefully it will kick in soon and maybe take the edge off of her anxiety. There are still quite a few fireworks going off along with the gun range across the field and airliners taking off over at Green. She’s not the dog she used to be. She paces throughout the night whining at the closet door and stares into space. Koda, on the other hand, is thriving in the relatively stable living situation without so much travel.

We have been spending some time at the gym and other days over at the public pool swimming laps. The AA meetings are just a few blocks down the road, so we pedal the bikes over a few mornings each week. Pam has spray painted all of the wicker furniture and the grass has a nice white color to it. She and Carole take off for a girl’s outing every so often having some lunch or watching a movie while Pete and I mess around with the lawn or catch the game on television.

The other day, PJ and I drove over to Rocky Point, where the old amusement park used to be and had a walk around. It was a nice place to escape to last year and it was quiet and not too crowded this time either. We’ve got a few Dr. appointments lined up and are basically just chilling with the folks. We’re making some plans for some adventures. We’ll see what we come up with.

3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Living

  1. The man I choose for my husband, and who in turn choose me as his wife is truly an Archangel. Michael you are a Saint to me and I love you with all my heart.


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