Providentially in Providence

On Thursday PJ went along with Carole and a group of her friends for a ladies’ lunch out at the Governor Francis Inn. They enjoyed an afternoon catching up on old times and eating a nice meal. Meanwhile, I was groveling around on the ground underneath Lexi, dropping the drive shaft and changing out the transmission output seal. It had developed a little leak a while back that the guys at the tire shop in Nebraska pointed out to me. The rain was off and on, but one of the guys from the AA meeting was willing to help that day so I wasn’t going to be put off by a little inclement weather.

Friday, the parents went to a doctors appointment, so PJ and I took a few minutes to watch the latest political shenanigans on the news channels. Pam had an acupuncture appointment in the afternoon and I stayed at the house to pack my bags for a little weekend getaway to Providence. Pete and Carole drove us into the city and dropped us at the Hampton Inn & Suites a converted bank building in the old downtown. A bank, coincidentally that PJ’s dad used to work at back in the day. Obviously, he had no difficulty locating our hotel and they dropped us off at the door. Thanks a lot Pete and Carole.

We checked in, unloaded our stuff and proceeded to lounge on the comfy king sized bed in room 911. A nice large room with a view of the river and the state house. Around 6:30, we began feeling a hunger pang or two and laced up our sneakers and took a stroll through the tall brick buildings over to Veggie Fun restaurant where we ordered up some excellent faux meat dishes, the soy skewers were exceptionally tasty. Really great food and a mellow atmosphere. We walked back to the hotel where PJ decided to rest inside while I took the elevator back down and took a meandering walk along the riverfront.

I crossed the bridge on the other side of the road by Capriccio’s Restaurant following the sidewalk footbridge that brings you to the park in front of the Old Stone Bank. Romantic couples were sliding by in gondolas while college looking guys were splashing past in rubber row boats. Families were picnicking in the park area and a wide mix of people were hanging about the river walk beneath the overcast sky.

I walked as far as the blue arching bridge then reversed direction and retraced my steps back to the shaded park area near the state house. Beautiful tree lined area with not too many people about. A group of homeless men had set up camp along the sidewalk and were moving around furtively. A large falcon flew overhead and perched itself high up on the concrete skyscraper adjoining the park as I stepped back up onto the bridge.

I walked back over to the hotel stopping to talk to the valets outside of Cappricio’s. He was the one who pointed out the falcon to me as he was touting the world renown cuisine on offer at the restaurant. I went back to join PJ as we blissfully zoned out on the giant bed watching tropical house hunter shows flipping back and forth during commercials catching up on the latest news. Feels like vacation.

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