Tropical Storm Jose

I’ve been dealing with glitches in WordPress for the past few weeks so this post is a little past its prime. The remnants of hurricane Jose have been passing through these past few days bringing us strong winds and has sent large unruly waves crashing into the Rhode Island coast. One blustery rainy afternoon, Pete threw us all in the car and we drove down to Point Judith to check out the storm action.

PJ and I sloshed through the muddy trail that follows along the blown over reeds surrounding the chain link fence that goes around the lighthouse. We emerged on a rocky stretch of shore and got a front row view of the large swells rolling onto shore.

On the way back, we did a quick drive by with a short stop at Narragansett town beach. No surfers, but lots of lookiloos like us out to see the storm’s wrath. Scenic drive with the big trees blowing in the wind as we drove around the bend along the Narrow River.

Nice Legs!

Back in Warwick, PJ and I made a run over to Don’s Pizza to pick up a batch of Italian grinders for a late lunch/early dinner.

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