Rhody Recovery

On Friday, we made the spur of the moment decision to attend an AA weekend retreat down near Point Judith. It had been announced daily at our usual ten o’clock meeting at Pilgrim Church and we figured why not just pack up Lexi and go for a quick getaway down to the YMCA camp along the southern shore. It was a grey, rainy morning as we were walking home from the meeting finalizing the plan.

We loaded up a few articles of clothing and ran a few quick errands to pave the way for the trip – cash from the ATM, a fill up of propane down at the U-Haul, a few groceries at Stop n Shop and a quick pass through the campground at Fisherman’s Memorial State Park to dump the tanks.

The wind was still howling and a steady mist was coating everything with dampness as we arrived at the camp a little bit after 5 pm. We registered with the ladies at the tables and found a quiet spot to park up the RV. Lots of wide open green space for the dogs and a nice dockside area along the great Salt Pond. We joined the attendees for sandwiches then found ourselves some chairs to listen to the speakers give their pitch. The first chair I sat in collapsed beneath me much to the amusement of those around us, so I went to the kitchen to find a functional replacement.

Really good pair of speakers to host the weekend, one from Arizona and the other from Rockaway Beach in nearby New York. Entertaining enough to keep your attention, but solid message to deliver inspiration. We are relaxing into the weekend with a feeling of serenity from the energy of the group. Maybe a hundred or so people from mostly Rhode Island. There was a session of meditation to end the evening then I walked the dogs in the darkness, wind and rain to end an interesting day. Easy sleeping with the chilly weather and cozy togetherness in little Lexi’s tight quarters.

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