Riverfront Dining

Another easy day hanging around Desert View. Relaxed on the porch and occasionally wandered about the area with the dogs. PJ went online and booked us a few more days of camping down in Cardiff for December. I chilled in my chair reading a book and sipping my tea.

Always making a nest in the bushes somewhere

For lunch, we unhitched the bikes and rode them down to the river. There is a waterfront cafe about a mile down the road on the banks of the Colorado River. We pedaled on over and pulled up a seat at the window and watched boats go by while munching on some fish and chips. Another perfect day, low eighties with a gentle breeze. The food was pretty mediocre but the view and the service made up for it.

We walked along the bank a bit after lunch checking out the strong currents and testing the water temp. Not too cold. I was surprised by how deep the river is just off shore. Swimming might be a little sketchy at this spot. Lots of boils and eddys as the water swirls around the outcropping.

Back in the saddle and up the hill stopping for a quick shop at the KOA next door for another can of chicken for the dogs and a roll of Neccos. Did a few domestic chores around the camper then off to the pool for an evening swim. Started putting things in order for tomorrow’s departure. Quiet Veterans Day out here in Needles.

For us, Needles has been a Wayside Rest Stop

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