Joshua Tree Groovin’

Sunday found us out on the highway a little after 11:00 am. We finally escaped from Needles and headed west on I-40. Our first two exits to get on the road to Joshua Tree National Park had closures and we were forced to go up another 28 miles before being able to turn south and head down towards the park. Lots of nothing. We passed through depressed little outposts with standing pools of chloride and miles of empty desert.

We did a grocery stop in 29 Palms taking the time to eat some lunch at the table while sitting in the Stater Brothers parking lot. A few miles later and we were at the entrance to the park. The $25 fee was waived for the Veterans Day weekend, so we were stoked to save a few bucks as we wound our way through the park to find the Jumbo Rocks campground.

The campground was pretty full, but were able to find a spot that would fit the RV near the far end. We got set up then took a walk around through the boulders stopping near the entrance to catch the sunset. Kind of a mystical place with a good mix of campers. Lots of younger people out for the vortex stoner weekend thing along with some older folks, Euro RV renters and a few families scattered about.

Night comes early these days so we moved inside reading and talking about our travels. Going over dreams and ideas for things to come. No phone, no internet. Took the dogs for a final moonlight walk then hit the hay early.

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