Home Town Happenings

We spent the past week on the down low cat sitting at my Dad’s house. We received a warm welcome and Wilson had a spot reserved for him out at the curb. Dad and Sandy took off to spend Thanksgiving in Northern California with her family as PJ and I settled in to keep an eye on things in the old neighborhood. It was a time of quiet and a chance to regroup after our cross country escapade. PJ visited with some old friends while I did a few projects on the RV.

The walking path behind the house

Sunsets and a great place for the dogs

We ate a gourmet turkey dinner over at the brother-in-laws with the kids, my older sister and long time family friends Larry and Brenda. Even though Mette was off visiting our cousins in Denmark, Lee still hosted a holiday meal for those of us orphans needing a seat at the table.

Home made pies by Devon

Today, we loaded our gear back into the RV and headed out to the coast where we have a spot for the week at San Elijo State Park. I can see our old duplex from here. Our space is on the ocean right even with the kook statue on the bike path.

After setting up, PJ had fun decorating the camp site with strings of little solar Christmas lights. A beautiful sunset was on order and we walked the dogs around the grounds and cooked up a pot of Rice-a-Roni for dinner. Quiet night. We sat out in the lawn chairs and listened to the surf 🏄.

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