San Elijo State Park

I woke up just before 6:30 and toured the dogs around the campground. After taking care of business, I put them back into the RV then walked down the beach to the south. Lots of early risers already surfing out at Cardiff Reef and every little break in between.

Back at camp, PJ was waking up and we had breakfast out on the bluff watching the waves roll in. We made a few phone calls and PJ scored us an upgraded site to move over to on Friday, #25, a few spots down from where we are now. The site we had before was on the road side next to the garbage so definitely a step up. We made some plans and drew up a shopping list.

Before heading off to the store though, we decided to test the waters out front. I pulled out the Walden surfboard and waxed it up. It had picked up a decent sized ding somewhere along the road. I plugged it with some wax and paddled out anyway. The tide was low and the reef was shallow. Good for me the waves were a bit on the small side as I haven’t surfed since Lo de Marcos. I fumbled my way to my feet on a few but it wasn’t pretty. PJ grabbed her boogie board and came down and rode some white water into the sand. We didn’t last overly long since we only have spring suits plus I’m needing to get back in some kind of shape. About 50 minutes of floundering under sunny skies with light winds, actually a really nice day for winter.

We dried off and I put the solar motion lights I bought out in the sun to see how well they charge up before tacking them onto Wilson. PJ rolled out another big mat to set up and I hopped in the Honda and drove over to the Vons to load up on groceries. Took my time pushing the squeaky cart up and down the aisles. Ran into a retired math teacher I know from MiraCosta and chatted for a few minutes. Not too many shoppers and checking out was easy. Back to camp for a late lunch. I made sandwiches and whipped up some guacamole to go with the fresh house made chips I’d bought. Nice meal lounging on the cliff listening to the surf.

Relaxing afternoon, really feels like a vacation. Talked to friends on the phone and wandered around taking pictures of the kook and checking out our fellow campers. There was a mass exodus today and by late afternoon, most of the camp sites were empty. Good for us. We have three empty on the right and two open on the left so the dogs have their run of the bluff.

As the sun went down behind the clouds, we lit a fire in the pit and watched the sky light up. When darkness began to settle in all of PJ’s solar Christmas lights began to light up strand by strand. We got comfortable in our camp chairs and warmed our bones next to the crackling flames. I brought out the guitar and strummed a few tunes until the chill drove us inside where we watched a few episodes of Survivor before climbing under our warm Mexican blankets. Our solar set up is working excellent. We ran the inverter for three hours of t.v., used all our lights and pumps while charging all of our Apple devices. When we called it a night at 11:30, the batteries still had over 70% charge from today’s input from the solar panels. The dogs are out like lights and it’s time for sleep.

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