Guajome Park

Today we are up for a change in venue. So, it appeared, was everyone else in the campground. We figured we would loiter around up until close to our noon check out time then head over to the county park at Guajome Lake. My assignment was to dump the holding tanks and stop to fill up the propane.

Goodbye Cardiff. There’s the old gray pad center right

When I drove up to the dump station, there were already 3 giant trailers waiting in line. I squeezed past and figured I’d handle it when I got to Guajome. I had spoken to the clerk at WestMart in Carlsbad yesterday and was told to show up between 11:00 and 4:00 to purchase propane. When I got there I was stoked to see the huge parking area and the propane fill station off by itself in the back of the lot. I parked lined up with the nozzle and went inside only to be told by the girl on duty that she was alone and couldn’t dispense the propane. I could wait around an hour and somebody else would show up. It was already 12:30, so I opted to hunt for someplace else. She told me that the Chevron at Palomar Airport Rd. had propane so I settled down the dogs and drove over there. Only bottled propane for exchange. I got on the phone and found that the Shell across the freeway had propane so I scurried over there and the guy was happy to lock up the gas station door for a few minutes and fill me up. WestMart take note and look after your customers. $30 propane, $100 gas, firewood, water and miscellaneous junk. The profit from one RV stopping would cover the second clerk or just close the door for 5 minutes. Get known as the RV friendly stop, you have an easy in & out station area and we all have minimum 55 gallon tanks plus we’re always stocking up on some supply or another.

On to Guajome. I arrived at the kiosk and paid up the extra fees for the dogs and the car. If you tow the car in, no charge. If you drive it in, $5 a night. We’ll have to bring a chain and drag the car across the few yards through the gate next time. The dog fee is a hit or miss thing at most campgrounds. I asked the guy what I get for my extra charge and just got a blank look. Are you picking up the poo? Then why charge me?

Guajome is undergoing a facelift, so half of the sites are fenced off where it looks like they are installing sewer hook ups for the pads. I had to go up a ways past the fencing to turn around and come back around to the dump station. Some wise guy had backed in and beat me to it. It’s all good. Nowhere to be and nothing to do but set up camp. Got refreshed just as PJ was pulling in so we got parked up and settled in.

PJ’s dear friend Carmen came over to spend the evening. We had the snowman set up and a fire crackling in the ring. Carmen cooks and puts together the tastiest vegan cuisine known to man. She brought us a container of Gypsy soup and a vegan chocolate cake as a late nod to PJ passing the 12 year sobriety milestone last week. The ladies heated things up and we ate at the dinette while they engaged in deep conversation. Excellent meal. Thanks Carmen.

After eating, they decided to stay inside where it was warm and toasty so I took my guitar outside to let them talk freely about feelings and such and to enjoy the campfire I had burning on the patio. It was a great visit. I went in to sample the cake and chat a while, then, too soon, Carmen headed back home. PJ and I had one more piece of cake then she went to bed and I stayed up late balancing the books and paying the bill. Surprisingly quiet for a campground so close to a major urban area. Slept peacefully.

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