Dog Days of Carlsbad

Doheney State Park is our next stop after a low key end to our week. Wednesday, I took a sick day and pretty much lounged around camp all day doing very little but an occasional foray with the canines. The highlight of the day was a visit from my good friend Dave. We sat on the bluff watching the surf and talking about everything under the sun. He stayed long enough to smoke a fat cigar that looked oddly similar to a robust dog turd nicely tapered at both ends. He headed off to take care of business and we’ll figure out a plan to get together next week. PJ visited the girls at her old home group that evening over in Leucadia.

Thursday was errand day. We spent much of the morning enjoying the weather and wandering around the park. We are really pleased with our spot here in Carlsbad and the week flew by too fast.

At 1:00, we set out to take care of business. First stop – Costco, I circled the lot like a vulture while PJ went in to pick up Cali’s meds. The place is a madhouse as Christmas is almost upon us. We were in and out fairly quickly and off to Scripps Coastal for my annual physical. I love this clinic. I don’t know if it just hasn’t been discovered by lots of people hidden up on its little bluff or if they just do things differently, but there are very few people waiting and the doctors tend to see you on time without the usual California sit in the foyer for an hour after your appointment time to see your healthcare professional. After receiving a mostly clean bill of health, we headed out of there with a couple of referrals to the urologist and cardiologist.

We wanted to beat the afternoon traffic if possible, so next we hurried over to MiraCosta to drop off a check to cover the extra health coverage I added on. Nothing seems too different. A number of new faces but same old MC. From there, a quick stop at the Grocery Outlet for firewood. They have good sized bundles of wood that burn really nicely and run less than half what the campground charges. We also did a quick drive by of the house to see how it is faring. Things are a little dry and some of the shrubs are looking a bit tired, but the place is still standing and doesn’t look too much the worse for wear. Then a quick stop at the veterinarian for some samples of arthritis supplements for Koda. Back to camp and another walk on the beach. PJ went to a women’s meeting in Carlsbad while I checked the football game and did some reading.

Still Standing

2 thoughts on “Dog Days of Carlsbad

  1. Hey Mike, I go to the same clinic. Great service; nice folks. I also have had stacations on the Carlsbsd bluffs. It’s hard to beat living in paradise.


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