A Day at the Mechanics

This morning I had an appointment at Big Red’s Automotive to see what’s going on with the air conditioning in the Honda. As usual, the place was hopping and Ken was busy repairing a line up of vehicles. It was good to see him and getting up to speed on the latest happenings in his life. Shortly, we fit me in and after changing out a relay, we recharged the AC and got it working o.k. It looks like the compressor is straining a bit and might be due for replacement in the not too distant future. Thanks for keeping me on the road, Red.

Ken picked up a newer Harley to replace the old one. Pretty sharp looking with a lot of updated features. While waiting for the freon to recharge, we goofed around with his hover board. He’s got it down pretty good. Below is a video of how a senior citizen gets around on a hover board.

Finished up there around 1:30 then headed over to WinCo to load up on groceries. I was kind of out of it with my cold and had to keep going back and forth in the unfamiliar store to get all of the things on my list. Ended up getting more stuff than planned, probably because I was hungry going in. Stopped by Dad’s and picked up the last load of towels we left in the dryer the night before then back to the beach to put away the food.

At sundown, our friends Janine and John came by to catch the sunset and relax around the fire. PJ set out a variety of snacks and we sat overlooking the ocean and the golden sky. The temperature dropped so we piled on more logs. An enjoyable visit and soon they were off to see more friends over in Vista. PJ and I wound down the evening with a light dinner and quiet time with the pups.

4 thoughts on “A Day at the Mechanics

  1. Did you see the green flash? I have camped there several times myself. You don’t have to go to far from home to enjoy good camping.


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