Return to San Elijo

Doheney was a beautiful spot, but it was time to return south. We have a campsite reserved at San Elijo, so PJ took off ahead of me in the car to get checked in and to see if we could upgrade our site. I serviced the rig and followed soon after. Check in is at 2:00 and their sign says no exceptions so I exited at Cannon Road and parked the RV on the cliff overlooking Terramar. Walked the dogs then sat back in the kitchen with a PBJ. PJ called and was at our site. The campground is full so we are still in a spot fronting the Coast Highway down at the Cardiff Reef end of things. I drove on over and we got set up then a nap was on the agenda to make up for lost sleep.

We took the dogs down to the beach at sundown and let them run around in the shore break. Koda was zipping about like a teenager and a little poodle named Charlie came charging over to get her to chase him around. They burned off some energy as the sun sank into the Pacific like a great ball o’ fire.

I grabbed a quick shower then drove over to the Encinitas Cafe to have a bite to eat with my friend Steve. Hadn’t seen him in quite some time so it was good to get current and hear about his new home over near El Camino Real. Encinitas was quiet on a Monday night and there were very few people in the cafe. It was good catching up with Steve. We finished up, he headed out the back door then I headed over to Calle Magdalena for the Monday night AA meeting.

I got back to camp and we took the dogs out for a moonlight stroll. Once again, there are about twenty unoccupied spots just in the south end of the campground. Reserve America is total garbage. I wonder if the state really thinks they are saving money paying them to manage their usage. The facility easily loses $1000 in revenue a day turning people away from the large number of unused campsites in the campground. It was the same at Carlsbad. Hire an on-site person who really knows what is going on rather than some know nothing kid on the phone in Salt Lake City to run your bookings and bring a few more dollars into the state and save us all some frustration.

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