Kickin’ it in Cardiff

We enjoyed a quiet morning around camp. Most of the neighbors moved out making room for a new wave of replacements. We did a little meditation and hanging out in the cozy interior of the Winnebago. At noon, we walked into Cardiff to mail some Christmas cards at the old Cardiff post office. We dragged the dogs along and wandered up Manchester and then along the trail that parallels the railroad track.

We took a short nap then I was off to the Scripps clinic on Santa Fe to see the cardiologist. I was scheduled to do a stress test. The technician, Julie hooked me up with a collection of electrodes and put me on a treadmill until I couldn’t keep up. I guess I did o.k. because we never stopped or called in the doctor due to any noticeable irregularities. I’ll get the report after my electrocardiogram on Friday. I ran into our friend Renee at the clinic and we chatted for a few minutes then I headed back to camp.

Everybody’s nappin’

We ate some salad then took the dogs for a major trek around the park. We relaxed inside getting ready for tomorrow’s work day at the storage facility.

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