Back to Carlsbad for Christmas

Our rent is up today at San Elijo and I’m being evicted back down to Carlsbad State Park. I started packing up early enough that I never felt rushed and I methodically put everything in its place then took the dogs for their final walk on the beach. My dilemma now with PJ back in RI is that I am one person but with two vehicles. I loaded all of the mats and Xmas decorations in the car and moved it onto the Coast Highway next to the Kook.

The dogs and I drove on down to Carlsbad where we had a spot on the highway for two days then another site on the highway side for one night only. I explained what we had going on to the girl in the kiosk and she found me a cancellation on the beach side that is good until next Friday. Sign me up! I got parked up and ate a sandwich and had a look around. Looks like a pretty mellow group camped around me. I locked the dogs in the house and walked out to the highway where the bus was pulling up just as I stepped out there. Always an interesting bunch riding the Breeze bus system. A couple of down and out looking characters and a drunk guy that decided I was his new best bro and kept a constant line of eccentric chatter coming my way. There is a bus stop right where the car was parked, so I jumped out and drove the car back down to Carlsbad.

I raked up the campsite and laid out a couple of mats. I hadn’t planned on doing the decorating thing, but decided to do it in PJ’s honor. I strung the lights on the fence and put the Christmas tree up. I sat out on the porch and watched the sun go down. Another amazing sunset. FaceTimed Pea for quite a while and said hello to Pete and Carole. The campground is packed. The last few times it has been more older people but for the holidays there is a ton of kids everywhere. Pretty festive atmosphere. The cold sent me inside and I had a quiet night in the rig.

10 thoughts on “Back to Carlsbad for Christmas

  1. A very merry Christmas to you, Pamela, Cali, Koda and everyone around you.
    May you all have a peacefull and wonderful Christmas.


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