Don’t Fence Me In

The bees are mostly gone and the crew got started early in the morning and holes were quickly dug to cement the posts in for the fence. Dad is saving a few pesos by reusing the current panels and taking advantage of free labor from Bill. My small contribution was assisting in the layout and getting the posts spaced evenly across the back of the yard. Bill and Don, the handyman, handled the heavy lifting.

The Superintendent eyeballing the string line

Bill keeping the gang in line

By lunchtime, all of the metal posts were in and we took a mid day break to allow the concrete to set up a bit. Sandy and Karen ran errands and had an enjoyable day roaming around north county. In the afternoon, Don and Bill reinstalled the panels with help from Dad and Don’s wife Rosa. The yard was fenced in in short order and things are looking pretty good. My hip was beginning to ache so I begged off any further physical labor and took off to do some shopping. There are a few small finishing touches to be done, but Dad seems pleased with the fencing.

Meanwhile Cali slipped out for a stroll along the path

2 thoughts on “Don’t Fence Me In

  1. My Word exactly 😀 love you all – i am having a birthday party tonight with family and friends – wish i could beem you up for a month 😀 kiss and love Neel


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