Keeping Wilson Straight

Been keeping busy getting things in order for a tentative Monday departure. Yesterday I took Wilson over to Big Red’s Automotive and Ken hooked me up getting the front sway bar installed and setting up the steering stabilizer to keep the RV from moving around so much in the wind. This was a job he normally wouldn’t do because the motorhome doesn’t fit in his shop and he can’t get it up on a lift. So I really appreciate them going the extra mile to get it taken care of.

Big Red, Keeping me rolling for 15 years

Mike was the guy who drew the short straw and got to grovel around on the creeper and get my hardware installed. Actually a pretty mellow task and Wilson’s undercarriage at 5000 miles is still really clean so no greasy mess to deal with. We changed the oil and gave everything a good looking over. Thanks a lot gents. Big Red’s, honest mechanics with a home town feel. Check them out if you need any automotive work done.

From there, I headed over to Grangetto’s where I filled up the propane tank and threw Wilson on the scales. He came in underweight at 13,480 pounds. I weighed all four corners and things came up pretty well distributed so I’m stoked with that. By the time I load on the bikes, ladder and chairs we’ll still be well under our gross max weight. Paid the bill, grabbed a quick burger then stopped by Milo Johnson automotive to set up an appointment to get the alignment done tomorrow.

Step up on the scale, young Wilson

Sandy bar-b-quad some pork chops for an early dinner then I raced over to the Oceanside men’s group to check in with the bros before hitting the road next week. Stood around outside afterwards solving the world’s problems with my friend Brian then headed home to bed. A good stop to get ready to travel.

Every RV needs a little fine art

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