A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog

Thursday was Cali’s day to shine. For my birthday, Dad and Sandy had arranged for a mobile groomer to come to the house and give Cali the royal treatment. Jackie took her out to the portable dog salon and gave her a bath, nail trim and furmination. Cali came out with a little pep in her step, looking stylish and smelling like a rose.

After that, I took the RV over to Milo Johnson Automotive in Escondido to have Tom do an alignment. Dad followed me over and rushed me home to grab Cali and take her out to the North Escondido Veterinary clinic. We spent an hour getting checked over and left with renewed prescriptions for Cali’s psych meds. The vet noticed issues with her lumbar spine and gave her a cortisone shot and a bottle of prednisone to help ease the discomfort. Should hopefully increase the appetite also.

Dropped Cali at home then returned to pick up Wilson. By the time I arrived at the house, it was obvious that the RV was pulling slightly to the left. I called Tom and he said to bring it back in tomorrow. The steering stabilizer was the culprit and they needed to give it an additional adjustment.

Spent the evening getting things organized for the road. Did a major shopping run over to Walmart to stock up for the trip. Popped in next door to PetSmart and bought Cali a high rise food bowl combo. The vet says it might help alleviate pain from the ligaments in her neck when she bends forward to eat and drink. Anything to encourage more food intake. Back home, I packed things away in Wilson and went through the clothes in my closet. Busy day.

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