A Roof Over Our Heads

One of the first orders of business when I finally made my way out to the east coast was repairing the roof at the house. Pete had known something was amiss and had already gotten an estimate when we were here last summer. Over the winter, rain was entering in the valley at the junction of the original house with the sun room that was added on after the fact. PJ had retrieved the estimate and had the roofer schedules for a time after the weather finally seemed stable enough to open up the roof without fear of rain. Shortly after I arrived in Rhode Island, a large team of workers pulled up and with clockwork precision removed all of the old shingles and replaced them with new roofing including new skirts around the chimneys and replacing a rotten stretch of fascia board where the two sections of roof connected.

Working late into the afternoon, they managed to pull off the entire job in one day. Lots of Spanish was spoken and I was able to dust off my language skills and practice a little while asking questions of the foreman on the job. The main supervisor showed up later in the day and made sure we were happy with all of their work. DePeitro’s did a quality job at a fair price and the house is now leak free.

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