Bonus Vacation Day

We were up early this morning getting everything packed and ready to take PJ to the airport to head back to the east coast. Just as we were about to load the luggage into the car, we received a text from American Airlines saying that the flight was delayed and PJ was going to miss her connection in Chicago. Sound familiar? Same scenario as the trip out. After hours on the phone, PJ got a flight for tomorrow and we booked another night at the apartment and proceeded to lounge about the place; resting, reading and swimming in the pool.

In the early afternoon we decided to hoof it on down to the Hawaiian take out joint over by the Barnes & Noble to eat a couple of musubis. The weather was warm but the breeze kept it comfortable as we covered the mile or so to reach the shopping center. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good musubi, so we relaxed at the table and enjoyed the seaweed enveloped little nuggets of tastiness.

On the walk home, we stopped in at Target for a few sundries then continued our walk down the busy street towards MiraCosta College. Next to the old Hooters, they have constructed a big complex advertising indoor sky diving, so we slipped through the door to have a peek inside. The girl at the reception counter was distracted by some customers so we snuck in. A couple of nerds in red jumpsuits were in a giant plastic tube getting blown up into the air like straws in the wind. We snapped a few blurry photos before sliding out the side door and continuing back to the pad.

We took a loop through the neighborhood we are staying in, a hidden jewel of older homes on large secluded lots overlooking the El Camino golf course. Some houses were built in the hacienda style we like with large central courtyards featuring multiple entries to the house from the garden area. We sweated our way up the final grade then rewarded ourselves with another dip in the pool. PJ was working on her modified swan dive from the edge of the deck as I stretched yoga style in the warm, clean water. It was great to get this extra day of hanging out before I see the wife off to return to Rhode Island to look after her mom.

Full relaxation mode. We had a couple of light sandwiches later in the evening while reading and watching a little television after watching the sunset reflecting on the surface of the pool. A low key, laid back vacation style day.